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The decal is made of high quality weather-resistant vinyl, with an average outdoor life of 5-7 years. They are the same material used for semi-trucks and outdoor signs.These are die cut,vinyl decals. They are not inkjet printed with a white or clear background. What you see in black represents the vinyl in color of your choice. Easy to Apply! Easy Installation Instructions Included!
Karate | Taekwondo | Sport | Tae_kwon_do | Martial_arts | Kung_foo | Girl | Boxer |
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Karate Taekwondo Window Decal Karate Taekwondo Decal
Kid Karate Window Decal Kid Karate Decal
Tae Kwon Do Window Decal Tae Kwon Do Decal
Taekwondo Window Decal Taekwondo Decal
Taekwondo Girl Car Window Decal Taekwondo Girl Decal
Kick Boxer Window Decal Kick Boxer Decal
Tae Kwon Do 3 Window Decal Tae Kwon Do 3 Decal
Tae Kwon Do 2 Window Decal Tae Kwon Do 2 Decal
Soccer Ball Kick Window Decal Soccer Ball Kick Decal
Soccer Is A Kick In The Grass Vinyl Die-cut Decal Soccer Is A Kick In The Grass Decal
Girl High Kick Decal Girl High Kick Decal
Kickboxing Kickboxer Window Decal Kickboxing Kickboxer Decal
Kung Fu Kick Window Decal Kung Fu Kick Decal
Football Place Kicking Window Decal Football Place Kicking Decal
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