Custom Cut Paint Mask Stencil

Single use stencil can have islands without bridges cut on adhesive vinyl. Single use stencil can create extremely detailed stencils at the cost of having to cut a new one for each use. Make a design on-line or upload one from your pc. We will have a plotter cut it out the design on painter masking sheets. Put the Stencil on a canvas and spray paint over it and then peel it off and have your design on the canvas. Spray Mask Stencil Films are 3 mil films with a low-tack adhesive used for stencil applications, especially for paint and spray applications, vehicle lettering, promotional lettering and signs in general. Stencil Film is a transparent grey film designed for use on flexible, uneven surfaces.

Custom Cut Airbrush Vinyl Stencil

Custom Cut Spray Mask Stencil

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Electrochemical Etching Stencil Designer
This transparent blue PVC film has been formulated for stencil applications, especially spray and paint techniques. This vinyl film features a low-tack, water-based adhesive. It is ideal for water-based paint applications; smooth, flat, rigid substrates and surfaces; large area capabilities; and applications requiring background visibility.

Vinyl Information

Adhesive Water-based polyacrylate, low-tack and removable
Adhesive Power (FINAT FTM-1, after 24 h, stainless steel) 1.37 lb/in
Areas of Use Water-based paint applications; smooth, flat, rigid substrates and surfaces; large area capabilities
Color Blue
Dimensional Stability Adhered to steel, no measurable shrinkage in cross direction; in length, < .016"
Elongation at Break (across) (DIN EN ISO 527) across: min.90%
Elongation at Break (along) (DIN EN ISO 527) along: min. 90%
Minimum application temperature 50F
Release Paper 84# silicone-coated paper with excellent weeding and release characteristics.
Seawaterability Not applicable
Shelf Life (68 F/50% relative humidity) 2 years
Temperature Resistance Not applicable
Tensile Strength (across) (DIN EN ISO 527) across min. 19MPa
Tensile Strength (along) (DIN EN ISO 527) along: 19 MPa
Thickness 3 mil
The compatibility of selected lacquers and paints should be tested by the user, prior to application of the material.

Surfaces to which the material will be applied must be thoroughly cleaned from dust, grease or any contamination which could affect the adhesion of the material. Freshly lacquered or painted surfaces should be completely cured. Films with structured surface are naturally more sensitive than the unstructured. Accordingly, these films are to be treated carefully both in processing and in cleaning. Impurities affect the appearance of structured films and require more frequent cleaning. The batch traceability according to ISO 9001 is possible on the basis of the roll number.

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