All Decals sold here are Computer Die-Cut vinyl letters & graphics that are appropriate for an outdoor sign, exposed to weather elements. These can be the same as used for car or retail windows. They are intended, but certainly not limited to, for use on the exterior of any mostly flat semi-non-porous surface. These are most commonly purchased for the store windows and for the windshield of vehicles. These Stickers will last with proper care for 4-7 years with NO peeling, cracking or fade. Decal Installation
There is NO BACKGROUND, it will be just the letters/graphics and what you apply it to will be the background. So if applying to a back glass, side glass or windshield, lighter colors will show best as the glass from outside appears very dark. Also, these are intended for the outside of the glass or paint and will come to read that way unless specifically asked to have it made for an inside application, (INVERTED). If you want INVERTED, simply state that on the Order Form.
Decal will come with a Transfer tape laid over it. the Transfer tape hold the decal together as one piece for easy installation. The Transfer tape allows you to use Squeegee (or credit card) to squeeze the decal down and work out bubbles without touching the decal. The Transfer tape peels off after applying the sticky side of the decal to the application surface. There are several more tips to installing, you will get instructions with your order. Our Vinyl decals are made from the same material and equipment used to make professional signs. Vinyl decals are cut with a small blade rom a solid sheet, that means there is no Background color, No clear sheet behind. Here is our current selection of vinyl COLOR chart

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